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Before & After: Finding Your Unique Style

Everyone goes through a style evolution as they grow older and comes into their own with their own space.

A lot of my city dwelling friends in their mid-thirties are getting to that stage where they want to take their home style to the next level. (e.g. get rid of childhood posters, cheap furniture we bought right after college, etc). I went through my own transition last year and it helped me discover my passion for interior design! And now I am having great fun helping my friends evolve their own spaces.

One of the first people I got the honor to assist was my very best friend from college, who originally lived in my NYC apartment with me and then moved out to live on his own for the first time - luckily only across the street :-)

His place is a studio with high ceilings, on the top floor of the building, and has a great view of Manhattan. When he moved in many years ago, I helped him paint the walls brown and tan, and the kitchen cabinets red...

WHAT. WERE. WE. THINKING? lol At the time it seemed totally fine. Cheers to growing up ha!

This kitchen. Those cabinets.. Just no. I blame my 20-something self.

When I asked Eddie about his former interior choices, he said

"I used to decorate the way I *thought* I was supposed to – with dark “masculine” colors cause ... I’m a guy. I also felt like cookie cutter Ikea, Crate and Barrel stuff was perfectly fine - which it was for my budget but even then I knew the style wasn't really reflective of ME."

The Re-design:

So here we were in Summer 2018 and he wanted to revamp his entire space by not only cleaning things out to de-clutter, but also find a way to make his home feel like HIM.

"I wanted a space that reflected who I was. I knew I didn’t need a lot of “stuff” or clutter, and I realized my space could be clean, bright, colorful and fun - with only things that I LOVE."

Step 1: REPAINT!

I knew (now that I had experience) that even just making the walls and kitchen white again would instantly lift the energy in the space. We decided to add one fun accent wall in a calming but unique blue, and move his art pieces there as a gallery wall (it's the biggest single wall in the apartment, so it could handle it).

Step 2: Furniture and Decor

Next was picking a new couch. I originally played it safe in my design suggestions with grey and blue options, but Eddie surprised and pushed me as a designer and said "I don't want a cookie cutter apartment anymore, I want a bold couch!" and HE chose this stunning yellow sofa from Joybird (my favorite sofa designer and where I got mine). I then chose the new rug to tie the yellow and blues all together.

The final design plan:


Just these small changes made such a HUGE difference. Then Eddie surprised and delighted me once again - he was so empowered with his new space that he chose bold rainbow and pineapple pillows for the couch, and a Dolly Parton quote for the wall. And ladies and gents, you couldn't find a room that represents by best friend more accurately. We now call this style "Golden Girls Chic". It's vibrant, FUN!, clean and one of a kind.

Whether you're re-designing a room, or starting from scratch with your own home or a rental property, if you want some styling help with custom designs from me, check out my services HERE and then reach out! I'd love to collaborate with you to bring your unique style to life!

Nothing makes my designer heart soar more than when the client is so inspired that they take matters into their own hands and add their own touches to pull the final design together. And most importantly Eddie now feels like his apartment represents his personality and feels like HIS home. Anyone who knows him walks in and instantly responds to the vibrant, energetic vibe as being "totally Eddie".

Check out this entire new #GoldenGirlsChic space (and sources) below <3

Key Sources:

-Couch: Joybird (color: Taylor Golden)

-Rug: Overstock

-Couch Pillows: Society6 - "sunrays" here and Pineapple is here

-Quote Decal: Etsy

-Everything else was pre-owned or sourced from thrift stores / local shops in NY

And... PS - the MUCH improved kitchen:

Happy Designing Friends,

Sam - The Blue Room


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