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Don't Write Off Walmart for Chic Interior Style Finds

While I happen to live in New York with the most amazing small biz, individual high-end interior design shops out there, my family (and most people) live in places like remote southern Ohio where there isn't even a Home Goods or World Market for 100+ miles.

But you know what everywhere has? Walmart

I admit I wrestle a bit with the notion of the big box store where everything is mass produced and the same as what a million other people can get,

BUUUUUT on the positive side, it's also nice that good interior style can be accessible and democratically available to everyone because it's affordable and available where you live! It doesn't make you a terrible person if you want to use affordable finds to make your home feel inviting and chic. (And if you want, you can offset your big-box purchases by supporting online small shop / boutique makers by purchasing their wears for your smaller items and accessories!)

So, I was in Ohio visiting my grandparents and wandered into our local Walmart for dinner supplies, when I found myself pleasantly surprised to be lusting after several things in their home section. I went online afterwards and low and behold! They even have "shop the look" for everything from GLAM to BOHO to FARMHOUSE. Get it Walmart!

So I picked a few of their current offerings to show how to put together some looks that would be amazing in anyone's home, and share them (+ their price) with you below.

**HOT TIP** This is the beauty of e-design services like the ones I offer, to individuals and property (read: Airbnb) owners as well. I can find affordable and accessible items available in your own neighborhood in my designs, AND lay out for you how to put them together. You get a one-of-a-kind style that will be unique to you / your property, even when using mass produced items.

Good design for all, I say! :-)

PS: This is not a #sponsored post haha...I just like good finds.


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