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DIY: Headboards

Little did I know when I started DIY interior design that headboards are one of the easiest things you can do. Yourself.

I made my first one for my own bed and wanted a nice clean white to offset against my vibrant blue wall.

All it took was:

-Some plywood, foam, batting, fabric

-Some cheap fake jewels from Michael's

-A staple gun, drill and hot glue

And in about an hour I was feeling like I had a very expensive bedroom upgrade for about $100 (honestly the foam is the most expensive thing).

The second headboard was for my guestroom. I had 4 hours until my first guest would arrive - but since I had done it already, and had leftover fabric from the first project, all it took was a quick trip to Home Depot and some sweat equity and I had it done 30 minutes before she arrived!

Here are the images of my finished projects, and a link to a blog post with instructions. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! I'm hoping to do a rich velvet headboard soon for a client and will post updates here.

Happy DIYing,

Sam @ The Blue Room


My Completed Bedroom Headboard:

Before and After:

Close up where I added put in the staples and glued on the fake jewels.

Guest Room (Just staples on this one):

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