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Buy vs. DIY: Mid-Century Bar

Sometimes you see something you want and think... I should just DIY it, right? Most of the time, you totally should. And it's usually cheaper.

But ... every once and a while, it's actually cheaper to just buy it - and THEN do a little DIY :)


So, I fell into that dilemma from seeing this great #IkeaHack from A Beautiful Mess on Pinterest. It's a great tutorial - if you already own the piece.

Gorgeous right? I thought this would be my new TV stand (while planning to turn my current TV stand from this post into my bar).

Wayfair changed my mind, however, from DIY to Buy when they had a big sale, offering a similar piece with a wood element I actually liked even better. To decide which way to go though, I had to make a power point comparison. Yes, really.

The time and effort cost to purchase and THEN do a DIY #IkeaHack did not outweigh the cost of just outright purchasing this Wayfair unit in the end. And all I ended up doing once I got it was add a little flair to the legs with materials I already had (and will likely eventually do the pulls too).



Taped off the legs and got my trusty gold spray paint to add a DIY mid-mod touch to the legs.

Quick Product Tip - I. AM. OBSESSED. with this Plutonium brand spray paint. It lets you spray in ANY direction (upside down!) and dries within 15 mins. Really. I always have a full can handy.


The space in my dining room BEFORE (sad and empty):


Yes, I made this at Christmas so the decor is themed appropriately.

I'm honestly obsessed with how this fits into the space and for now I've left the pulls as they are, and the wood of the doors as well.

Happy DIYing (or buying),


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