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DIY Ikea Hack: TV Stand

Upgrading your design style doesn't have to mean buying all new stuff.

Take a look around your space first and with a little imagination and a Pinterest treasure trove of #IkeaHacks - you can DIY upcycle your existing furniture!

One of my favorite Ikea Hacks from my apartment redesign is this Ikea Besta cabinet (on the left below):

My inspiration was this lovely hack by Brittany Makes. If you read her post, you'll see how she went full glam on the inside for her bar (which I love), but I didn't quite need to take mine that far.

I'd originally bought my Besta cabinet in the black/brown color, as it suited my living room at the time. Now I was moving my living room to the next room and redoing my style to be much more bright and airy. So instead of buying a new one, I painted this puppy white!

Here are the steps and tips:

1. Sand that sucker down! It's lacquer on the outside so I was hesitant painting would work, but honestly sanding then doing TWO coats of paint (letting the first dry completely in between) using a roller worked beautifully.

2. Bought new pulls. Spray painted those gold. Drilled holes where I wanted the new pulls to be and wallah!

3. Purchased cute mid-century legs from Pretty Pegs - they're made specifically for Ikea furniture!. Loved how the gold bottoms tie to the pulls.

4. Enjoy! Put stuff on it! Love your space.

Progress photos:


After the first coat (not great, right? But wait for it!):

Second coat - gorgeous!


Total cost was under $100:

$70 for the legs, $20ish for the pulls, + paint I already had (same color as my walls). I didn't paint the inside because I didn't see the need, but that would have made it much more time consuming. You could try Brittany Makes' trick of using wallpaper or tack paper though to spice it up.

This one goes down in Buy vs. DIY history for sure. Let me know if you try this hack and how you make it your own!



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